The craftwork of our salt with the art of serving it.

ALALIMÓN Collection was made to share.

For Centuries, our salt has been taken alalimón with mezcal and orange; or so, with tequila and lime. Traditionally, and far beyond our well known "caballitos" made out of glass (in which we present SAL DE AQUÍ), our spirits have been served in containers made in different regions, from diverse materials: dry skin from fruits, baskets made from assorted materials, clay, wood, rocks and carved quarry.

To serve this tradition, today SAL DE AQUÍ works together with excellent Mexican artists. With unique pieces of limited edition, designed also by local artists, we make a special effort to make sure that our raw materials are an exceptional  ingredient to feel the flavor of our salt and the taste of our culture.

In each alalimón collection box, you will receive: SAL DE AQUÍ, (our signature "Fleur de sel" with agave worm -gusano de maguey- and with grasshopper -chapulín-), a set of mezcal or tequila shot glasses, a salt container, a tray for orange, lime, mandarin or even fig wedges, an art craft process, an exclusive piece of art, a magical flavor, a unique taste.

*Alalimón: together, jointly, in collaboration.


Gerardo Valencia interprets the way to take agave distillates through his wooden pieces from Granadillo, handmade in his workshop in Paracho, Michoacán.

This year, don Juan José Paz interprets the way to take agave distillates through his pieces of copper, handmade in Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán.



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